Meet our Fans

1. Josh Blatter – Yoga Instructor

As a yoga instructor I spend the majority of my week in a hot and sweaty room (with some days MUCH more than others). Having my body in constant flux between hot and cold becomes both physically and mentally exhausting. No matter how much water I drink or minerals I consume, often it is still not enough. Allostasis was term coined in the 1980’s that implied finding a state of balance even within varying conditions. Ice-Cubed Towelettes give me the opportunity to keep my body temperature regulated even when I am going back and forth between hot yoga rooms. It is remarkable at what a difference it has made for me and I can’t imaging teaching hot yoga without them.


2. Adam Zucco & Tanya Marvin –  Triathlete Trainers

Thanks again for the opportunity for us to test your cooling towelettes.  I really think they work great!  We rode 100 miles the other day, and it was a hot one!  I used one on the back of my neck under my jersey and really felt like it kept me cool for a good 2 hours, it was fantastic.  We have some really hot races coming up (including Adam racing at Kona in October) and are really excited to use them.  Their size also makes them very portable. They really are awesome. I used to use breakable first aide ice packs sometimes in hot ironman races on the bike. These are so much easier.


3. Reyna Hoederman – Yoga Sculpt Instructor

Having been an athlete most all my life I’m always looking for the next best way to take something on, and absorb all the greatness I gain from strenuous activity. Yoga is now my main source of exercise for multiple reasons, and becoming an instructor has allowed me to share my passion with others. With 2.5 years of teaching yoga in 95-100 degree temperatures under my belt I’ve constantly tried to find a healthy way to cool my body down. Ice-Cubed Towelettes give the exact sensation and cooling feeling I want after teaching or taking a heated yoga class. At this point, I’m unhappy if I forget to bring the towelettes with me, and hope that more studios catch on and have them available for purchase. Thanks to the geniuses at Ice-Cubed Towelettes for making a product I look forward to using after practice every time!


4. Jim Vance – Triathlete Trainer

It’s like an “Icy Hot” type product, it can give the effect of feeling cooler that might allow athletes to push harder, or even maintain output better. At the camp I can tell you that the athletes thought it was easier to use during interval training, where they have time during recovery intervals to move it around their body, feeling fresher. Longer, endurance events might be perfect for it.


5. Jonathan Davis – Racer for San Diego Bicycle Club

Transcript of Video Testimonial
Arena Sciences: What did you think it (ICE³) felt like?
Jonathan: Felt like ICE… without burning my skin (laugh)
Arena Sciences: Awesome, so you’ve used IcyHot before obviously
Jonathan: Yeah it burns. This is like Ice without actually frying my skin (laugh)
Arena Sciences: Would you actually pay $1 for one these or $5 for five of these?
Jonathan: Yeah


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