How it Works

To understand the magic and genius behind ICE-cubed, we need a short refresher on how the human body senses temperature. We all understand temperature as something that is measured using a thermometer. But for our bodies, temperature has a slightly different meaning – we ‘feel’ temperature, hot or cold. Essentially, our skin contains tiny proteins that sense the temperature in our surroundings and relay a signal to our brain telling us if its hot or cold.

There are two ways in which the body receives cooling:

1. Physical Cooling: This is the type of cool felt when water evaporates from your skin under a breeze.

2. Physiological Cooling: This is why mint feels cool in our mouth and Bengay/Vicks feel cold on the skin.

Notice how we say that we ‘feel’ cool? That’s because this is exactly what happens!

Regular cooling towels in the market need to be soaked with water that evaporates from the skin to provide cooling (physical). Apart from the inconvenience of water-soaking, evaporation doesn’t do a great job when the humidity is high because the air is already heavy with moisture. When the humidity is low, the water evaporates too quickly allowing for only a short period of cooling. On the other hand, products that use mint/menthol alone, or those like Bengay/IcyHot (physiological) are designed for pain relief, and are far too strong for cooling purposes. In fact, these products feel cool (Icy) and warm (Hot) at the same time!

Our proprietary technology used in ICE-cubed combines the best of both worlds! It provides both physical and physiological cooling with over 5 evaporative and physiological cooling ingredients. We have also scientifically formulated our product to specifically block the warming side-effects, and thereby, achieved the very highest quality of cooling. This is why ICE-cubed produces the strongest and longest-lasting, unique ‘zen-cooling experience’ for its users… it truly ‘feels like ICE’! Go ahead and TRY A SAMPLE, thousands have loved ICE-cubed, and we are confident that so will you!

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