Arena Sciences gets on GroupOn

Despite being only 1.5 years old, Arena Sciences gets approved to market ICE-cubed Cooling Towelettes on Groupon! We have 5 new fragrances infused in our cooling towelettes! Click here to check ’em out:

Arena Sciences meets ‘LightsOut’ Shawne Merriman

Arena Sciences is in talks with ex pro NFL player, WWE star, and now businessman ‘LightsOut’ Shawne Merriman. An amazing career, and an inspiring life story, Shawne absolutely rocks! Arena Sciences and Shawne are cooking an exciting synergistic opportunity to partner….stay tuned!  

Arena Sciences goes to SDSI Investor Draft with KPMG

Arena Sciences aims at bringing biotech discoveries from laboratories to homes, and are dedicated to helping people lead healthy and active lifestyles. ICE³ is a patent pending body-cooling product that alleviates the discomfort caused by exercise-generated body heat and hot weather conditions.

Arenasciences is now a SDSI Graduate!

  September 22, 2014 SDSI SPRINGBOARD GRADUATES SIX! Congratulations to the latest SDSI Springboard Graduates. These six companies have been working with their mentoring teams since May to refine their business plans and are now hitting the ground running. Thank you to all of their mentors!•  Arena Sciences’  ICE³ (Ice-Cubed) Cooling Towelettes provide the most […]

Arena Sciences at Outdoor Retailer, Utah

Arena Sciences made its first investor presentation at the FundSource OR event, organized jointly by San Diego Sports Innovators (SDSI) and Grow Utah Ventures. The event was on Day 0 of the Summer Outdoor Retailer convention at Salt Lake City, Utah. We received an awesome response from the audience and the presenter’s special comments were “I’d […]