About Us

Arena Sciences is based in sunny San Diego! Our product, ICE³ (pronounced as ICE-cubed) Cooling Towelettes, is the most practical solution to the long-standing problem of body cooling on-the-go.

Our Story

The development of ICE³ originated from a very simple idea – what if everyone could have a pocket-sized personal air-conditioner? Apart from the awesomeness of saving water (used for repeated showers) and energy (used in powerful air-cons), think about the tremendous impact that such a product would have on people living in the developing world, where most public transport is not air-conditioned and populations are soaring.

The Founder of Arena Sciences is Dr. Rupak Doshi (Ph. D., M. Res., B. Sc.), a top-rated biotech scientist, who spent childhood years in India, where he recognized a need for portable body cooling solutions. Rupak’s excellent expertise and training in biotechnology and biochemistry, and overall scientific experience comes from highly prestigious universities such as University of Cambridge, UK, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla and University of California, San Diego (UCSD), USA. University of Cambridge has an 800-year long history of scientific excellence and ground-breaking technological advances with around 90 Nobel Prize winners, including highly notable names such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and the Watson & Crick duo among others. The Scripps Research Institute has produced several Nobel Prize winners of its own such as Barry Sharpless, while UCSD currently has 5 Laureates as part of its faculty.